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Wine production

Wine production


Wine production data (source: AGEA) refer to the statements of wine producers* for the quantities produced from the year's harvest with reference to the date of November 30. The following do not require to submit a harvest declaration:

  • Producers (already exempted from the harvest declaration) whose holdings comprise less than 0.1 hectares of vineyard area, no part of whose harvest has been or will be marketed in any form; 
  • Producers who obtain, by vinification of purchased products, less than 10 hectolitres of wine which has not been or will not be marketed in any form; 
  • Grapes producers delivering all their production to a co-operative association, which is required to submit a declaration, reserving the right to produce a quantity of wine of less than 10 hectoliters, which has not been and will be not marketed in any form.

*Natural or legal persons or representative associations (including winemaking co-operatives) who, pursuant to article 9 of Regulation (EC) No 436/2009,  from the current year's harvest: 

  • have produced wine;
  • hold, with reference to 00:01 am of November 30, products other than wine (concentrated grape must and/or rectified concentrated grape must produced from the current year's harvest), grapes, grape most, new wines still in fermentation even though used to produce other products such as grape juices, vinegar, etc.
  • have purchased and/or processed products preceding wine which have been completely sold before 00:01 am of November 30

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